company history (® branded in Eastern Europe)  has a long and storied history delivering electrical and property maintenance services with outstanding results and customer satisfaction. Our innovative steps and determination allowed us to achieve a solid name and reputation. We are very proud of our achievements and of our partners which helped us grow over the years.

  • 1998

    started with a small company

    This was the year we started our small company. At the beginning, we did not know what the future has for us and we struggled with determination to survive a volatile and unpredictable market. This is how we learned how to provide services like no one else did and shaped our philosophy.

  • 2002

    we had our first employees

    At this point in time, we had the feeling that we may survive the challenges that went hurled against us. We learned and improved steadily gaining experience little by little. Since one of our main strength was our reliability, we figured out that in order to never keep the customers waiting we should expand and bring new colleagues along our journey. We rented a larger office and we began building our vehicle fleet from scratch.

  • 2008

    fully certified with by the highest standards

    Joining the European Union implied new standards and certifications. With our highly skilled team, this was achieved in a relatively short amount of time. We helped to set the standards within the industry and began being recognised nationally and regionally. A new fleet of 30 SPV's was now roaming the streets of the cities we had branches and customers were becoming more aware of our presence and professionalism.

  • 2016

    our services within UK — a reason to prove ourselves once again

    This is the year we began operating within the UK. In a new market and with new challenges ahead, we are eager to prove ourselves once again. Employing only the highest skilled local and foreign specialists we are more dynamic and innovative than ever. As we go towards the future, we deeply value our philosophy now more than ever: our customer is our priority, our passion, our partner and friend.
    Always on time and always exceeding the expectations — this is our business card.
    A success story only to continue and bring satisfaction and peace of mind to anyone who requires any of the services we provide.

how may we be of service?

Our team is always happy to be able to assist you in any electrical or property maintenance related services. Feel free to drop a line or give us a call – We’re always ready to be of service.


I listed my job on rated people and called me within the hour. They came and gave me a quote the same day and done the job plus other things that I’ve added along the way without any problem and for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this company and will be going to them for all of my future electrical jobs!

A very reasonable price.
Vicky, M23

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