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We’ve joined Checkatrade’s efforts to keep rogue traders at bay and we’re now fully vetted and checked members. A properly qualified electrician or electrical contracting firm will be able to join only after a very thorough check and after providing a lot of documentation and feedback from existing customers, whereas a rogue trader posing as an electrician would have a hard time being vetted by this organisation.

Having that in mind, we’re happy to be able to contribute in keeping rogue traders as bay. There are many obvious reasons why special building works such as electrical and gas are to be undertaken only by qualified engineers. Some might argue that some financial economies can be attained by employing a builder they trust to carry on with the works even if they are not qualified to do so because “they have had undertaken similar work in the past” and there are no risks involved. Unfortunately this cannot be further from the truth. There is a good reason why electricians need to be certified as to being competent in the works they carry. We will be uploading soon a gallery with bogus and dangerous electrical work discovered by our electrical engineers and our remedial works so you will be able to compare between the two.

Our advice stands as usual: employ proper vetted electricians for the work you need to be undertaken. This way you can be certain that your financial resource won’t be wasted, that the works carried are proper and safe and most importantly, guaranteed for many years of use.

Did we carry any electrical works for you and you’d like to leave your feedback?

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