is a Certified Installer trough Stroma®

Host Engineering Ltd T/A is a Certified Installer trough Stroma®

Stroma Certification’s UKAS accredited Competent Person Scheme (CPS) allows installers from major UK trades to self-certify their installation work in line with the Building Regulations. Homeowners and customers have immediate confidence that all installation work undertaken is compliant. […]

Stroma’s Competent Person Scheme is DBEIS approved and accredited by UKAS in line with ISO 17065:2012.

As we strive to provide some of the very best Electrical Services, we invest constantly in our qualifications and certifications and our customers are the ones to benefit the most. Customer’s experience and safety is always paramount and everything that we do revolves around attaining as much satisfaction as possible from our clients, backing it up with proper qualifications.

New investments in other relevant schemes will be made constantly and our pursue for top quality residential, commercial and industrial electrical services will continue with even more determination.

Before joining Stroma, our Guarantee was in most cases for 5 years for labour, but in certain cases we did provide a lifetime guarantee. After joining this Scheme, we’re extending our labour Guarantee to 6 years. We continue to provide a lifetime guarantee on particular works as well.

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