Downlights installation

Downlights types, bulbs and installation

If you are after lit up rooms, a modern look and an efficient lighting system throughout your home, you’re in the right place.
Our electricians install on a regular basis most types of downlights available on the market at very competitive rates.

Trough experience and understanding customer requirements we are now able to provide you valuable tips on how to turn this upgrade into something that can improve the quality of life there where it matters the most: at home.

What to choose: LED or Halogen downlightsFind out the main differences between the two types of bulbs.

Halogen light bulbs for downlights are no longer a “standard” option nowadays and are now being slowly but surely replaced by LED’s.
That is because even tough the price per bulb is very small, there are downsides of using them and the alternatives are way better.
But let’s go trough the pro’s and con’s of having halogen bulbs first.


  • Initial cost very small (in bulk packages, GU10 and GU9 halogen light bulbs can cost as low as 59p. per pcs.)
  • Widely available in most stores, even in small local shops.


  • Not very economical to run (most bulbs will draw on average about 40Watt/h. In other words, if you living room has 10 downlights with 40Watt halogen bulbs, you’ll be using 0.4kW/h energy to keep them running. Almost as much as an old halogen type security floodlight).
  • Heat dissipation (Halogen bulbs will generate a lot of heat. In fact, most of halogen-run downlights will show signs of overheating at their end of life-cycle).
  • Short life-span. (Reputable manufacturers will rate their halogen bulbs for 5.000 working hours. Which is not a lot, and if there is any vibration that is being transmitted to the ceiling, that will drop their life-time even more.)
  • GU 9 Halogens require a transformer (which like most electronic devices will eventually fail. One of the most common reason is excessive heat dissipated by the bulbs.)

As you can probably see, the con’s of having halogen bulb type downlights outweigh the benefits and advantage of running them, this determining in turn the widespread takeover of the LED powered bulbs!

Can LED bulbs be dimmed?They certainly can but you need to follow these simple steps

NOTE: A common misconception is that LED bulbs cannot be used in conjuncture with dimmers. This used to be true at the beginning of the LED bulb market takeover where there weren’t many options widely available on the market. In order to enjoy dimmed lights today, few conditions must be met:

1. Make sure you are installing DIMMABLE LED’s. Look for a symbol like so printed on the base of the bulb; it means that particular bulb is dimmable.

2. Use a dimmer designed to work with LED’s as these are often programmable and are able to adjust the dimming curve according to your installed bulbs.

3. Install only one type of LED bulb. Different types of bulbs can have different dimming properties therefore may be too slow or too fast to brighten when you turn the knob.

Most of LED compatible dimmers are electronic and proven to be fairly reliable on the long run. If you need to program the dimmer, make sure you study thoroughly the installation instructions, especially the programming section as some are very straight forward while others require more than just a try.

Is it difficult to install downlights?Some downlights installations can be very straight forward while others a bit tricky. We've got them all covered!

Installing downlights can be a straightforward process but not all houses are build the same.

If you’d like downlights installed in your living room or kitchen, there are some things that you need to know. In order to complete 1st fix and leave cable tails where each downlight will be, cables need to be routed. That can be done (depending of the state of your property) via 1st (or upper) floor and by removing floorboards. If that is not an option, the ceiling can be chased and cable feeding holes can be drilled in your existing joists. A plasterer would afterwards be required to patch up the chased area, skim and paint the ceiling.

In rooms which are below an accessible loft, downlight installation can be a very simple and non invasive process as cables can be routed  by our electricians from up top.

There are certain situations where the walls and therefore the ceiling is not in the best shape, with different sizes on one or more of its sides. In that case, we use state-of-art technology to help us determine the best place to position your downlights. We can achieve that with an array of professional laser aligning tools, making sure your lights will be perfectly aligned. Every time.


I'd like dimmable downlights installed. What next?We can provide complete downlighter installation services. And we're really good at it.

If you require downlights installed in any of your rooms in your property or maybe outdoors just above your entrance door or garage door, we can certainly help and make this process look easy.

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