Outdoor socket installation

Professionally installed weatherproof socketsA safe and durable solution for your everyday outdoor needs

Weatherproof sockets are an excellent solution for providing power-points outdoors and around the house. Built to last, most of the socked designed to work outside are splash proof, offering a degree of protection of IP 66. The lids and the rims of these sockets have silicone gaskets specially designed to keep water and dust out. The materials of which are built are sometimes UV resistant, meaning they will last longer when exposed to the elements, preventing premature discoloration or brittleness.

To provide an adequate degree of protection, outdoor sockets should be installed by a skilled professional.

Our engineers would asses the best power supply point suitable for the outdoor socket, considering the loads of the existing electrical installation and take action accordingly. Outdoors sockets may be spurred, added to an existing ring or fed from an entirely new and separate circuit coming from the existing consumer unit (fuse-box).

Our electricians are part P certified – ensuring the best possible installation and in accordance with current regulations & recommendations.

Before placing your order, please note our coverage area (North-Western England, inclusive of Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington and so on).

Supplied & fitted starting only £85*Take advantage of our limited time offer

Ideal for Christmas lights & displays, great for any outdoor activities that require a handy and reliable power source on hand.

Get yours installed for as little as £85*  (SUMMER SALE LIMITED OFFER).

Order one socket - £85

   One double gang 13 Amp Switched weatherproof outdoor socket supplied & fitted on domestic premises.
  *Includes up to 2 meters of 2,5 mm twin earth cable, trunking and installation accessories. Offer valid within our coverage area.

Order Two sockets - £160

 Two double gang 13 Amp Switched weatherproof outdoor sockets supplied & fitted on domestic premises.
  *Up to 7 meters of 2,5 mm twin earth cable, trunking and installation accessories are icluded. Offer valid within our coverage area.

Order Three sockets - £210

Three double gang 13 Amp Switched weatherproof outdoor sockets supplied & fitted on domestic premises.
  *Up to 12 meters of 2,5 mm twin earth cable, trunking and installation accessories are icluded. Offer valid within our coverage area.

Running extension cords outdoorsPro's, Con's & alternatives

Having a power point installed outdoors can be really handy whether you’re planning to use it on a daily basis or only every now and then. Sure, you can always just plug in an extension cord and get the power where you need it – it should be safe.

But would it?

One thing is certain – if it worked in the past it does not mean it’s safe. If you’d like to find out why it’s better to have a professionally installed weatherproof socket instead of running the good old extension cord, keep reading.

Extension cords are handy and no one can deny that – if you need to mow your lawn, trim your hedges, saw some wood bits or even build your own wooden decking, then it’s a very quick and straightforward solution. In other words, it makes a great temporary solution for your outdoor electrical needs. Just plug it in, do your stuff, unplug it and store it in your shed. But what happens if you change the temporary solution to a more permanent one?

There are several factors you have to consider when deciding to leave your extension outdoors for extended periods of time and plenty of things that can go wrong.

Water ingress 

Most extension cords are not weatherproof – they may become a hazard if used in a damp environment or even left on the ground on a wet surface. They will trigger your RCD’s or your circuit breakers and, depending on what socket they are plugged in, might leave a part of your house with no power. In older houses where the consumer unit has old fusible fuses, they may lead to electrocution – a serious life threatening situation.

Tripping and accident risk

If left unwound on the ground, they might become real traps especially for the kids and the elderly – and it happens more often than you can imagine. They look messy in the process and will eventually get damaged if walked over.

Physical damage of the cord

Alternatively, the cord might get damaged by repeatedly closing and opening the door or window trough which is fed – or simply get chewed by your pets. Dogs and cats alike have a passion for wires and rubbery objects and your extension cord will not be an exception. Biting into a live cable would obviously have serious consequences for them as well.

Inappropriate load on the cable

Overloading an extension cord past it’s rating can have disastrous results especially if it’s not fitted with a thermal protection. Leaving long rolls of cable unreeled or ignoring reeled and unreeled ratings and using them with large loads for extended periods of time may lead to overheating and fire. 

Obviously, running an extension on a permanent basis is can be dangerous and should be avoided if possible.
There is however a safe alternative which should be considered – A safe & reliable outdoor socket, supplied and fitted by our skilled tradesmen.

Get in touch now and book in your installation. It is easy, quick and hassle free, leaving you more precious spare time.

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