Smart LED Floodlight Installation

Smart LED Floodlight with security camera

Why choose a smart RING floodlight over a plain LED security light?


It’s advanced. It’s the first readily available security camera that includes LED floodlights along with a loud siren alarm and a two-way audio system.
You can virtually hear and speak to anyone within the proximity of the smart device and you don’t need to be home to do that – all can be done remotely, online.

The camera is of good quality and the lens is (estimated) around the 2mm mark which in turn provides an impressive 270º  viewing angle. The video stream is very clear (High Definition, but the actual quality will be dependant of the current network connection and capabilities of your smart device (tablet or phone).

A reasonably loud siren would also help deter any intruders but don’t expect to wake up your whole neighbourhood. The stated loudness of the siren is 110 dB (decibel).

There are many advantages of installing a smart floodlight – for a comprehensive list of features and specifications, visit RING’s web store.*

* Please note we are not affiliated or endorsed by the manufacturer of this device – our opinions are solely based on led floodlight installation experience.

Installing it yourself or ask a certified electrician to do it?The reasons why is better to be on the safe side and ask for a certified electrician to install the smart floodlight for you.

If you already have a security light then installing the smart floodlight should be a fairly straight forward job – out with the old and in with the new. Sounds simple, right? Not quite.

When it comes to any outdoor electrical circuits there are some regulations and good safety practices that must be followed. We highly recommend you to contact a proper electrician as a faulty or improper installation can become dangerous to you and others as well.

Building Regulations for Electrical Installation in Dwellings (Part P) and 17th Edition Wiring Regulations provide clear instructions and recommendations in regards to outdoor circuits and light fittings. Among other procedures, a proper and qualified electrician will:

  • Asses that the current supply circuit is not faulty and suitable for the purpose.
  • Asses the state and suitability of the existing circuit (condition of cable insulation, resistance, earthing).
  • Determine if suitable safety devices are in place (checking RCD’s & Fused Switches  and their ratings).
  • Design and install a safe new circuit if there is none.
  • Run a series of tests on new and existing circuits.
  • Certify the installation of any new circuits.

When you’re asking an electrician to install a security camera floodlight for you, you’re ensuring that your safety and you’re also protecting your investment. A faulty wiring can damage your new piece of equipment and in most cases an improper installation will void the warranty.

Please be advised

Smart devices can be more sensitive to faulty wirings whereas the old incandescent type of Security Floodlights and even regular LED Floodlights are less prone to visually indicate an underlying issue with the existing circuit.

Installation and additonal wireless network extensions

We can dispatch teams of  smart-device dedicated professionals which can provide on-site certified  installation of smart floodlights and additional networking services such as extending existing wireless networks for optimal coverage of your smart devices.

Our teams of fully qualified electricians are ready to provide proper electrical installation for smart floodlights in Greater Machester, Merseyside and Warrington.

See our coverage, chat, text or ring us at 07467.877.081 – we’re always happy to help!

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